Problems in Making Custom LED

Sometimes even the largest product variety may fail to meet a project’s certain needs. We endeavor to work with you for a custom lighting solution that are tailored to your architectural, entertainment and commercial projects with aesthetics.

Our Capabilities

Custom LED lighting manufacturing solutions for architectural,entertainment and commercial projects.

Custom PCB

Custom PCB

Not only rigid and flexible printed circuit boards for lighting industry, but also those beyond it can be custom-made as per your specific requests. LED Innovator has electrical engineering team to do design, tooling, and equipment for production, providing us supreme versatility over what our team can offer and deliver to our clients.

However, if you do not need to have something to be tailored to that level, we have actually obtained lots of pre-designed choices, especially PCBs of DMX lighting, that still very likely match your requirements.

Custom Aluminum/Plastic Extrusions and Diffusers

Custom Aluminum/Plastic Extrusions and Diffusers

LED lighting opens up a wide range of brand-new opportunities such as flexibility, mixed-color capability, long lifespan, durability and also bendability. It is a growing trend to use aluminum or plastic extrusions for most projects, the interior or exterior ones, with elegant diffusers to achieve the preferred lighting output.

Aluminum and plastic extruding can be customized into length and profile as per your request. And also, the enclosers done in clear, milky or any other colors to suit your needs at the very best. Besides, other extruding of various materials like Acrylic, Rubber all available to proceed.

Custom Lighting Control Solution

Custom Lighting Control Solution

As a professional custom lighting partner, we specialized in individually pixel control solution, to bring every single artistry, craftmanship and also creativity to each cooperation, prioritizing our customers’ experience and vison.

We offer DMX individually pixel control solution, like pixel tube, pixel dot, pixel ball, pixel strip, pixel bar, pixel flood, pixel wall wash and all other lighting fixtures you want it to be pixel controlled. All such lighting fixtures can be addressable and programmable for unique lighting effects. And also, RMD (Remote Device Management), the enhancement of DMX, which allows full bi-directional control and communication taking your projects to the next level.

Fabrication of Lighting Fixtures

Fabrication of Lighting Fixtures

With full in-house equipment, we are capable of fabricating all custom lighting fixtures completely. From start to finish, our company possess the knowledge as well as the tooling equipment to take your jobs into reality.

The designing team can also offer the CAD drawing, LED Innovator is the very starting place to define your idea into a concept, to produce a prototype with your concept. The next step for LED Innovator is to define and document the production process to do serial manufacturing.

How We Work

Our enthusiasm for designing custom led lights as well as our excitement for turning your concepts into reality earns us great reputation in the lighting industry.

What Our Clients Say

Event Designer

Client was asking to experience a 3D wall, very much appreciate Kim’s vision.

Josh Donald/Macho Design

Product Designer

Items were delivered within a month which is very surprising considering covid and all. All perfect after testing, looking forward to next batch.

Lewis Marshall/Event Solutions

Lighting Professional

They advised me to make 12 pixels per meter, saving me a lot. Very fast shipping too, happy to finish the job on time.

Ben Randall/Randall Lighting

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