Custom Lighting Solutions

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LED Innovator has provided custom lighting solution to the lighting industry for over 10 years. Our passion for design and engineering proficiency can easily assist you discover the most precise and cost-effective innovation to deliver your vision into reality.

Our services to your tailored items

1. Custom design for led light fixture & led controller

    A unique lighting fixture to meet specific requirements in terms of sizes, technical parameters or brand-new structures.

2. Custom design for PCB boards 

    Rigid and flexible printed circuit boards for the lighting industry and those beyond it. Design, tooling and production. 

3. Custom lighting control solution

    DMX and RDM lighting protocol for pixel-mapped lighting, individually pixel control solution for visual design.

4. Custom Extrusions and diffusers

    Aluminum and plastic extrusion into tailored lengths, bespoken shapes shape and colors for diffusers.

5. Custom led lighting kits

    Complete package for plug-and-play lighting kit, AC or DC lighting.

    Kits of flex ribbon, flex neon, festoon lighting and a lot more

6. Custom simple lighting control box

    Bluetooth led controller and PWM dimmer for single-color or multi-color led.

7. Custom led logo and led signage

    Logo and signage design and production.

8. Fabrication of led fixtures

    Drawing → Tooling  → Prototype → Production → Serial Manufacturing

Years of knowledge, organizing integrity as well as a keen sense of lighting design guarantee our clients enticing modern lighting fixtures.


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