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The old driver also wants to say that another point of concern in the PLA's statement is that "constant guides" were dispatched.

What is a "regular guide"? Usually this is the abbreviation of the conventional missile force under the Rocket Army, but military expert Song Zhongping believes that "but the land, sea and air are equipped with conventional missiles, so the 'constant guide' mentioned in this exercise is more likely to be a cluster strike. Firepower is the combined combat force of various services and arms. In the future, conventional missiles will be the first strike force. On the one hand, they can effectively strike fixed targets throughout Taiwan, including airports, docks, and military bases; on the other hand, they can strike foreign forces. Aircraft carriers, ships, aircraft and other moving targets dispatched to implement the intervention minimize casualties.

He said that the current international environment dominated by the United States and the internal environment of Taiwan Island are relatively complex. The United States and Taiwan frequently collude, repeatedly create topics of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, provoke the mainland, and attempt to reject reunification by force. This undoubtedly adds to the The strength of the PLA's preparations for military struggle has been increased. In the future, if extraterritorial forces and "Taiwan independence" elements on the island of Taiwan take risks and attempt to split Taiwan, the PLA will transform its normalized combat plan into combat operations to safeguard the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Therefore, the PLA multi-service joint exercise is a solemn warning to the "Taiwan independence" elements:

Don't say it without foreshadowing!


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