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The EUROLITE LED DMX Pixel Tube 16 RGB IP20 is a lighting fixture commonly used in various entertainment and architectural applications. Here are the key features and specifications of this device:


Key Features:

  1. DMX Control: The Pixel Tube supports DMX512, allowing for precise control over color changes and effects via a DMX controller.
  2. RGB LEDs: It uses RGB LEDs to produce a wide range of colors by mixing red, green, and blue light.
  3. Pixel Mapping: Each LED or group of LEDs can be controlled individually, enabling complex lighting patterns and animations.
  4. IP20 Rating: This indicates that the fixture is protected against solid objects over 12mm but offers no protection against water. It is suitable for indoor use.
  5. Multiple Effects: The Pixel Tube can produce various effects such as chasing, fading, strobing, and static colors.
  6. Versatile Applications: Suitable for stage shows, clubs, events, and architectural lighting.


  1. Length: The tube typically comes in a specific length, often around 1 meter.
  2. LED Count: It contains a certain number of LEDs, which could be around 16, depending on the model.
  3. Control Modes: It may offer different control modes such as DMX, standalone, master/slave, and sound-active modes.
  4. Power Supply: The fixture requires an external power supply, and the specifications might include input voltage and power consumption details.
  5. Connection: The tube is usually equipped with input and output connectors for DMX and power, allowing for daisy-chaining multiple units.
  6. Housing: The housing material is often lightweight but durable, ensuring easy installation and handling.

Example Usage:

  • Stage Lighting: Creating dynamic lighting effects that sync with the music or performance.
  • Clubs and Bars: Enhancing the ambiance with colorful, moving light patterns.
  • Events and Exhibitions: Adding visual interest and highlighting key areas or exhibits.
  • Architectural Lighting: Accentuating building features with vibrant colors and patterns.

If you need detailed information about setting up and programming the EUROLITE LED DMX Pixel Tube 16 RGB IP20, the user manual and product documentation from the manufacturer would be the best resources.


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