Is a LED light strip waterproof?

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Whether an LED light strip is waterproof depends on its specific design and the IP (Ingress Protection) rating it carries. The IP rating indicates the level of protection against solids and liquids. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for:


IP Rating Explained

An IP rating consists of two numbers:

  1. The first digit (ranging from 0 to 6) indicates the level of protection against solids like dust.
  2. The second digit (ranging from 0 to 9) indicates the level of protection against liquids, primarily water.

For example, an IP65 rating means:

  • 6: Dust-tight (no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact)
  • 5: Protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction

Common IP Ratings for LED Light Strips

  • IP20: No protection against water, suitable for indoor use where there’s no exposure to moisture.
  • IP44: Protected against solid objects over 1mm and splashing water from any direction. Suitable for areas where occasional splashing might occur.
  • IP65: Dust-tight and protected against water jets from any direction. Suitable for outdoor use where it may be exposed to rain.
  • IP67: Dust-tight and protected against temporary immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Suitable for areas where it may be submerged temporarily.
  • IP68: Dust-tight and protected against continuous immersion in water beyond 1 meter. Suitable for use in environments with prolonged exposure to water, like pools or fountains.

How to Determine Waterproofing

To determine if an LED light strip is waterproof, check the product specifications for its IP rating. The higher the second digit, the more waterproof the light strip is.

Practical Tips

  • For indoor use, an IP20 or IP44 rating is usually sufficient.
  • For outdoor use, aim for at least an IP65 rating to ensure it can withstand rain and dust.
  • For submersible applications (like in ponds or aquariums), choose an IP67 or IP68 rated light strip.

Always verify the IP rating based on the intended use to ensure the LED light strip meets the necessary protection level.


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