What is an addressable LED strip?

Release time:Apr 02,2024View:52907

An addressable LED strip, also known as a digital LED strip, is a type of LED lighting solution where each individual LED on the strip can be controlled independently. Traditional LED strips typically have all the LEDs connected in parallel, meaning they all receive the same signal and produce the same color or pattern simultaneously.


In contrast, addressable LED strips have microcontrollers embedded within each LED or within small groups of LEDs. These microcontrollers allow each LED or group of LEDs to be individually controlled. This means that different LEDs on the strip can display different colors or brightness levels simultaneously, allowing for more dynamic and complex lighting effects.

Addressable LED strips are commonly used in various applications such as decorative lighting, architectural lighting, stage lighting, and DIY projects where precise control over each LED is desired. They are often controlled using specialized LED controllers or microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or dedicated LED control hardware and software.


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