DMX Addressable Flexible LED Pixel String

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DMX Addressable Flexible LED Pixel String

It is a LED string of RGB or RGBW DMX controllable pixel dots, what is so amazing about this flexible led pixel string is that each of the pixel ball is controllable individually via DMX512. Three (R/G/B) or four channels (R/G/B/W) per led ball, each addressable with its own DMX addresses. Enough LED pixel balls will present you a fascinating three-dimensional lighting matrix. 

Flexible DMX LED Pixel String.png

The Setup

Standard led pixel string consists of a string of 2 meter in length, with 10 balls attached to the flexible led pixel ball string. The strings are extendable, connecting strings together will suit the needs of various lengths.
More importantly, while the standard string is made of 2m with 200mm pixel pitch, customization options always very welcome. For example, a string with 30 balls 300mm pixel pitch will get you a 9 meters string. 

The Control
Such captivating pixel ball is digitally addressable, DMX individually controllable. Thanks to DMX and RGB/W color mixing, it can be programmed to any color you prefer. 
Pixel mapped DMX systems will perfectly run such DMX pixel balls, any third party DMX controller is compatible with it. 

The Wiring

There are 2 ways of wirings to meet various needs: serial connection and parallel connection.
Since RGB and RGBW pixel ball both available, one DMX universe will maximum run 170 RGB balls and 128 RGBW balls.
RGB pixel ball: R/G/B 3 DMX channels, 512/3 = 170.666
RGBW pixel ball: R/G/B/W 4 DMX channels, 512/4 = 128

Example of RGB pixel ball wiring as follow

Serial Wiring Diagram

Parallel Wiring Diagram 


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