ArtNet Node 8 - 8 Universe Ethernet to DMX Gateway

Release time:Jul 25,2022View:6245

To control DMX lighting with ease


ArtNet Node 8 is robust and durable, this 8 universe Ethernet to DMX gateway is designed to control your DMX led fixtures with ease. It can be used in any particular projects requiring ArtNet to DMX communication from an Ethernet network, everything will work as what you expect.


It adopts 3-pin or 5 pin XLR female as DMX outputs, with RJ45 cable to daisy chain Ethernet signal from one to the next. Such easy cabling offers you great flexibility to do the easy setup and potential expanding of items in the future.

 ArtNet Node 8.jpg

Smart Features


Easy Setting of IP Address

The IP address can be set via our own IP address setting tool (ArtNet-Set 3.1), it can also be done through a web-browser based setting page.

LCD to display IP address.

                ArtNet Node 8 - Front.jpg


8 DMX Universe

The ArtNet Node 8 controls up to 4096 DMX channels. 8 DMX outputs, each can be optically isolated to convert ArtNet to industry standard DMX512.


Easy Cabling

Universal XLR female connector built as DMX outputs, Ethernet connector in & out to daisy chain network signal from the very first node to the last.


Great Compatibility

ArtNet Node 8 works with Art-Net 1, 2, 3 and 4.

It is compatible with a great number of 3rd party software, such as DMX Workshop, ENT LED Mapper, Madmapper, Lightjams and a lot more.


Easy Installation

Versatile rack mountable ArtNet DMX gateway, 19’ x 1U metal case to ensure easy and convenient installation.


Wide Range Power Input

90-265V AC input with various power plug to meet various needs.

UK Plug, US Plug, Euro Plug and CN plug.


3-Year Warranty

The small details matter a lot, this Ethernet to DMX node with the warranty of 3 years. LED Innovator always here to help with technical support


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