What is RDM Controller?

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RDM Controller is a RDM-enabled DMX controller, it is designed to manage the DMX lighting fixtures that are RDM compatible and compliant. 

There are primary kinds of RDM controller in the market.

1. Handheld RDM controller/DMX Tester

Mainly used for small-scale installation, to set or change DMX addresses, to select DMX channel models for the lighting fixtures.

Like DMXcat from City Theatrical and XMT-350 from Swission.

DMXcat from City Theatrical.png

2. Console

With the developing of RDM protocol, many consoles in the market were integrated with RDM, such as Grand MA2 and Grand MA3.

GRAND MA3 白底.jpg

3. PC-based RDM Controller

Such controller is quite the same with the handheld devices, but possesses the advantage of being manage a great deal of lighting fixture promptly. What’s more, the configuration will have to be done via PC based lighting software computer, it is non portable.

DMX lighting software like DMX Workshop from Artistic License is quite popular and more importantly it is FREE!  And RDM Controllers from ENTTEC are with great reputation.

ENTTEC Datagate MK2.jpg


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