What is ArtNet Node?

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What is Artnet Node?

 Artnet Node is an DMX Ethernet lighting controller, it is used to transmit DMX512 and RDM signals over Ethernet network. Artnet Node, designed by LED Innovator, is a compact interface for output of 8 (ArtNet Node 8) and 16 (Artnet Node 16) optically isolated DMX ports, managing up to 4096 and 8192 DMX channels.


Each Ethernet Artnet DMX node is configurable, you will see its working status, name, IP address and subscribed unicast universe. It is a perfect way send DMX signals to the smart lighting fixtures, the controlling has never been easier than it is with this intelligent lighting device, especially for large-scale installation that is in great need of large pixel mapped DMX systems. By doing pixel mapping, you can program every individual pixel to any possible lighting effect.

Features of Artnet Node

Support Multiple Protocols

Art-Net protocol: Art-Net 1 to 4

DMX-512:  Digital Multiplex

RDM: Remote Device Management, Lighting fixtures to be remotely accessible via RDM

Covert Art-Net data to DMX512 and RDM over Ethernet network system.

Working Synchronously

Reliable DMX Ethernet Node features sync logic to make sure all DMX ports work synchronously. 

For small installation with single node or large one with dozens of nodes, the DMX nodes on your

project will always present the lighting programs as your expectation.

1 Ethernet In + 1 Ethernet Out + 8/16 DMX Output

Ethernet in directly from PC via RJ45

Ethernet out to the next node via RJ45, no need of router.

3-pin or 5-pin XLR female built as DMX output, 8-port and 16-port node available.

8 optically isolated outputs to manage up to 4096 DMX channels.

16 optically isolated outputs to manage up to 8192 DMX channels.

Widely Compatible

Fully applicable for all DMX lighting fixtures.

Fully compatible with lighting console that generates Art-Net protocol.

It is compatible with a large number of 3rd party software because of its implementation of Art-Net protocol. 

It supports TCP/IP protocol, any kind of supported DMX over Ethernet software will certainly be able to stream to it. 

Software like MADRIX, Resolume, MadMapper, TouchDesigner, VVVV, MagicQ PC, LightFactory, xLights, LXconsole, Glediator, 

Qlight, Lightjams, Enttec Light Mapper, Jinx, Mapio and so on.

Support Multiple Operating System

Any Ethernet network system such as macOS, Windows, Android, Linux.

Setup in Easy Way

Ready setup software or web browser on your local network to do easy settings.

Quality Design

Durable, compact and cost-effective DMX512 lighting controller ensures reliability.

Onboard LCD display provides working status and IP configuration.

Versatile rack mountable, 19’’ x 1U and 19’’ x 2U metal case making it easy and convenient for installation.

Outstanding Performance

The ArtNet Node gives long distance access and communication with the device anywhere on a local network. 

All DMX outputs can be synchronized across multiple devices to show you the optimal lighting effects without any visual interruption.


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