LED Decor Lighting System – DMX Festoon Lights

Release time:Dec 09,2022View:60755

DMX Festoon Lights adopts multi colors LED to meet different demands. The most common one is RGB, but RGBW, warm white, cool white and static single-color LED all available from us. They are versatile, economical, risk-free, reliable and also the ideal option for bars, clubs, streets, shopping malls, and many other events or venues where mood lighting is required.


The water-resistant LED light bulbs need the power of the conventional festoon and yet still offer the feel of vintage event lighting. These festoons hire in any length and any bulb quantity you want, like 50m 50 bulbs, 20m 40 bulbs. Simply speaking, any tailored length and custom bulb numbers to meet a specific request. What’s more, they can be extended using the IP65 connectors on either end of the string.

DMX Pixel Festoon.jpg

Key Features

1. Multi colors of LED

    RGB, RGBW, Warm White, Cool White and other static single color

2. Built-in DMX control

3. Digitally addressable

4. Customization options on string length and bulb quantity

5. Pixel-mappable to create programming

6. Expandable up to 170 RGB pixels for one DMX universe

7. 60mm Diameter Globe Bulb

8. IP65 Outdoor rated LED Festoon

9. 2-year warranty


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