Pixel Festoon

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Pixel Festoon is a DMX Festoon Lighting that consisting of individually controllable led pixel bulbs, every individual bulb can be addressed and programmed. Pixel Festoon doesn’t come with a standard length, because it can be tailored to any length to suit various needs.

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Pixel Festoon is outdoor rated IP65 waterproof, it can be a permanent solution for outdoor projects which in need of RGB pixels that can be programmed with network control.

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Bulb: D60*H90mm, D2.36’’*H3.54’’

Base: L53*W33.5mm, L2.08’’*L1.31’’


Light Source & Power

RGB: 6 x RGB SMD5050 LEDs

RGBW: 6 x RGBW SMD 5050 LEDs (W can be warm white, natural white or cool white)

RGB: 24V DC, 1.44W max

RGBW: 24V DC, 1.92W max



Bulit-in DMX512, each bulb is pixel mappable.

RGB: 170 pixels max to run under one DMX universe.

RGBW: 128 pixels max to run under one DMX universe.



Digitally addressable, hand-held programmer as addressing tool.

RGB: R, G, B 3 DMX channels

RGBW: R, G, B, W 4 DMX channels



String length, pixel pitch, static single-color LED source.



Wedding, Venues, Studios, Theaters, Streets, Malls, Parks, Paths, Parties, Shows, Stages, Concerts, Restaurants, Festivals, Carnivals, Architectural Accents, and many others.

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