Pixel Bulbs – IP65 RGBW Festoon Lights System

Release time:Dec 09,2022View:14169

RGBW LED waterproof dimmable DMX RGBW festoon lights, such bulbs can be totally programmable, allowing users to control each and every individual bulb running colors from RGBW spectrum. The bulbs adopt anti-uv material, suitable for both interior and exterior projects. Easy to do installation, customization options on strand length and bulbs quantity to suit any need.

DMX Festoon Lighting.png


1. Low voltage 24V DC input,

    Safe and energy saving for any commercial installations and public spaces. 50,000 hours lifespan and higher efficiency.

2. IP65 outdoor rated festoon lighting

    IP65 waterproof festoon lighting strand consists of flexible and durable wire, as well as shatterproof milky white plastic bulb so as to withstand harsh environments

3. Built-in DMX512, each and every individual bulb can be programmed

    Dimmable & Digitally Addressable. Brightness, colors, speed, lighting effects can all be programmed via a PC-based lighting software


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