Smart RGB LED Festoon Lights

Release time:Dec 09,2022View:9989

LED Innovator RGB LED Festoon event lighting bring brilliant colors in pixel bulbs with milky white finish and also the most spectacular effects within your reach with our PC-based DMX lighting control system

DMX Pixel Festoon.jpg 

These smart RGB pixel festoon light bulbs offer the excellent illumination for stages, venues, parks, studios and many other installations. Just decorate your events with such stunning RGB festoons, they will always create a vivid ambience for both indoor and outdoor installations.


We do not supply the festoon string in a predefined length or bulb quantity, customization options available. For example, you can do a10 meter strand with 20 bulbs, 25 bulbs, 50 bulbs, any number that you want. List your requests, we will meet your demand! What’s more, they are expandable combining up to 170 bulbs (510 DMX channels) to reach 1 DMX universe.


Twinkly festoon, DMX controlled LED bulb light string, creating the supreme lighting effects and explore essentially unrestricted ways to transform your events with colors. Unleash your creative thinking with unlimited personalized programs and aminations through any DMX lighting software.

DMX Festoon Lighting.png


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