Pixel-mappable DMX Festoon Lighting

Release time:Nov 05,2022View:4424

Apart from the look and feel of traditional festooning, DMX technology makes each individual bulb controllable independently. LED Innovator offers 3 versions of DMX Festoon: static single color led festoon, RGB led festoon and RGBW led festoon. All of them can be operated from DMX, making it completely pixel-mappable for DMX media control with endless programming creativity. It gives you all you need to add captivating colors and animations to outdoor spaces, venues and events.

 DMX Festoon.png

The DMX Festoon Lighting can be extended easily on both ends of the string, it is durable and weather resistant. The festoon doesn’t come as a kit, it can always be customized to make tailored spacing in a certain length to suit all your needs.


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