Versatile LED 3D Pixel Ball

Release time:Aug 26,2022View:41193

LED 3D Pixel Ball is a versatile strand of DMX individual controlled pixels, mounting with solid frosted acrylic diffuser and RGB SMD5050 LEDs. It is consisted of inline 50mm LED spheres, being controllable in pixel-to-pixel format. Even any of the pixels fails, the DMX signal will still pass through to the remaining pixels. They are suitable for creating a captivating visual effect for interior and exterior projects.

 LED Pixel Ball Light.jpg

The translucent diffuser and spherical shape make it visible from all sides, 360° viewing angle, 3D animations will deliver your vision without any limit. The strings can also be extended to meet different demands, it is excellent for project expansion.


Due to its flexible nature, the pixel strings are allowed to create incredible forms to a variety of applications, such as the follow ones


Xmas Tree.jpg


Hanging 3D Cube.jpg




RGB Pixel String.jpg

Themem Parks

20mm 3d pixel ball (6).jpg


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