Festoon Lighting System - 3D LED Pixel Ball

Release time:Aug 22,2022View:73918

The 3D LED Pixel Ball offers remarkably lengthy strings of 50mm diameter frosted white led balls that properly embellish events and venues with astonishing three-dimensional spatial effects. The festoon lighting system built with heavy gauge wiring, rugged injection-molded diffuser and reliable high-brightness RGB or RGBW LEDs.

 led pixel string.png

It is direct DMX controllable, digitally addressable to every individual LED ball, fully prepared for media control and pixel mapping. 3 versions are available: static colors like cool white, warm white, green, red, blue, orange, amber; the remaining two versions are RGB addressable pixel string and RGBW programmable led string.

 DMX LED String Lights.jpg

How many pixel balls can one DMX universe support?

Static color single-channel led ball: 512 pixels (512/1 = 512)

RGB three-channel led ball: 170 pixels (512/3 = 170.67)

RGBW four-channel led ball: 128 pixels (512/128 = 4)


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