LED Pixel Ball Light - Flexible String

Release time:Aug 22,2022View:87032

LED Pixel Ball Light is built as a flexible setup, a string with 360° inline led pixels. The pixel ball lights adopt a 50mm frosted acrylic diffuser, mounting 4 RGB LEDs inside. No wonder it is maintainable and long-lasting for indoor installation, while the all-weather technology to ensure IP65 rating, keeping it free from externally caused fragments and fluids.

LED Pixel Ball Light.jpg

Industry standard DMX512 chip is integrated to the balls, it is completely prepared for pixel mapping as well as media control, for example the PC based lighting software with ArtNet to DMX converter.

With its flexible nature, strands of led pixel ball light are versatile to any venues and events: they can be applicable to build a cube, a cylinder, a curtain, a chandelier. It will suit a great variety of applications, including clubs, parks, malls, lighting shows, TV studios, art centers and a lot more.

Features and Benefits

· Tailored string length, custom pixel pitch

· Flexible cabling

· All sides 360° beam angle

· DMX controllable, digitally addressable

· Static colors, RGB and RGBW pixel ball

· IP65-rated LED pixel ball light


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