IP65 RGBW Addressable LED String

Release time:Aug 18,2022View:22389

This addressable LED string allows the inline RGBW pixel balls to be controlled independently via DMX512, even any of the balls defect the DMX512 signal will still be forwarding through onto the next LED in line. It adopts 4 wires cable using a clock and data line to ensure the signal reliability.Addressable RGBW LED String.jpg

The lighting professionals love the addressable led string, they REALLY want every single pixel to be programmable. Not only that, they prefer RGBW more than RGB, the extra white brings them warm white, neutral white or cool white for more color options to create a captivating light show.


The Control

Such programmable led strings can be easily driven by any standard DMX controller sending data stream to every pixel. For example, the ArtNet node 16 from us, converting ArtNet data package to DMX512 from a lighting software like Madrix over Ethernet, it can handle up to 2048 RGBW pixels. Programming every single light ball to sound will surely take your projects to next level.


The DMX Channel

LED Innovator supplying 3 kinds of led pixel string:

RGBW 4-channel led string, the white can be warm white, neutral white and cool white

RGB 3-channel led string

Static color single-channel led string, such as red, green, blue, white, amber, purple, etc.

Addressable RGBW LED String - 3D Cube.png


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