Outdoor use DMX RGB LED Ball String

Release time:Aug 18,2022View:53669


Globe shaped RGB led ball string with pixel balls in frosted diffuser

Ball Diameter: 50mm

Center spacing: standard spacing 15cm, customization available

String lengthAny length to suit different needs.

 LED Ball String.JPG


Low voltage 15V DC input, 0.9W power consumption max.

Durable ball string with 50,000 hours lifespan.



Built-in DMX, digitally addressable led string light, every single led pixel ball can be addressed to its own DMX channels making it individually controllable.

With DMX control and RGB color-mixing technology, you can have any colors you want from 16 million color combinations.



Widely use for indoor and outdoor IP65-rated areas.

Christmas decoration, holiday lighting shows, shopping malls, theme parks, venues, clubs, stages, bridges and many others.

DMX RGB LED BALL STRING - Vunue Installation.jpg


2-year warranty


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