LED String DMX Controllable 20mm LED Pixel Ball

Release time:Aug 16,2022View:51629

Low-voltage 12V LED string lights are designed to decorate venues, malls, clubs, stages, parks Christmas trees, and a lot more applications, they can be controlled with any industry standard DMX controllers, every single led ball is programmable to create dazzling lighting effect.


Premium grade RGB color-mixing SMD3535 LEDs guarantee color consistency and reliable performance, allowing over 16 million color combinations. 20mm diameter crystal diamond is not only an amazing ornament to the installations, but also provide great light dispersion.

crystal diamond led string dmx.png

Main Features


RGB Color-Mixing

Red, green and blue LED. Static color also available


Daisy-Chain LED String

Strings connectable with each other


Custom String Length

Tailored length for various installations.


Custom Pixel Pitch

Standard pitch 100mm, customization options available


DMX512 LED Ball String

Programmable for pixel-mapped DMX systems

Serial and Parallel Wiring

2 wiring options to suit different needs.

 Serial Wiring.png

Parallel Wiring.png


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