The Ultimate Christmas Lights: RGB DMX LED String

Release time:Aug 15,2022View:71468

The RGB DMX LED String is spectacular for Christmas, it is not only prefect to build your Christmas tree, but also a best solution to decorate the outline of your house. The DMX RGB LED Strings can be hung straight down in the air, be drawn to the wall, be draped across the venues, there is no limit to your creativity.


The strings come in groups of diamond crystal LED pixel balls and the strings are expandable by doing daisy-chain together.  It doesn’t come with any standard length, any tailored length and pixel pitch are proceedable to suit various needs. Every LED ball built with 2 RGB SMD3535 LEDs, thus carrying R/G/B 3 DMX channels, that is 170 pixels under one DMX universe.

3 (1).png

5 Main Features

RGB LED Pixel String

Seamless RGB color mixing, bring over 16 million colors


LED String DMX

DMX individually controllable, programmable LED pixel string.


Flexible LED String

Flexibility offers versatility


Custom LED String

Custom string length, custom pixel pitch


Elegant LED String

Diamond crystal ball, an ornament to any installation




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