Addressable DMX LED String Lights

Release time:Aug 15,2022View:69270

Addressable RGB DMX LED String features built-in DMX512 technology, every single led pixel ball is controllable via DMX. With unique DMX addresses, the programmable DMX led string will bring over 16 million colors by using RGB color-mixing LEDs. 

Engineered with flexible PVC cable, the length can be shortened or extended to meet your needs. Not only that, the center spacing between every 2 balls can also be customized to accentuate your build.

DMX LED String Lights.jpg

LED String DMX lights are ideal for venues, clubs, bars, stages, shopping malls, lighting shows and many other environments. To fully personalize your installations, the DMX LED String Lights is perfect to deliver your vision.

LED String DMX.jpg


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