RGB LED Pixel String

Release time:Aug 03,2022View:52469

Light up your installations with RGB Pixel String Lights, these digitally-addressable LEDs come with industry standard DMX512 chip, programmable to any pixel-mapped mesmerizing you want, to have all balls controlled all together or individually. It is perfectly to suit any installation whether it’d be venues, shows, clubs, stages, malls or any other eventRGB LED Pixel String 1.jpg

It is IP67 rated outdoor use led string of brilliant pixel balls made in customizable quantities and pixel pitch, offering versatility to a certain string length with predefined ball quantity. Hang-straight design makes it easy to install and use, no wondering it will be a WOW factor for your events.

 RGB LED Pixel String.png

Key Features


Built-in DMX512

DMX individually controllable, independent control on color, effects and animation

Pixel-mapped DMX control system

PC based lighting software with DMX controller offers unstrained programming

Digitally Addressable

Can be addressed to unique DMX addresses (the only identity)



Flexibility makes it versatile to any installation


Predefined String Length

Any defined length with certain all quantity


Custom Pixel Pitch

Standard pitch 150mm, customization options available



RGB color mixing offers over 16 million color combination



Strands can be extended to certain length to suit the needs



Indoor and outdoor use lighting pixel


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