Brief Introduction to RDM Controller

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RDM protocol is now being widely used in lighting field. In this article we will introduce some popular RDM controller and lighting software.

1. Handheld RDM Controller

Handheld device like DMX tester is mainly used to set DMX addresses and test basic DMX signal output. It is very easy to use, most lighting technician prefer such tiny tool to set up a DMX control system.

It is amazing to integrate RDM into such handheld DMX tester. RDM controller/DMX tester ensures an easier and better setup for lighting users, such as setting or changing DMX addresses, selecting DMX channel modes. However, it is not made for large-scale system with thousands of fixtures.

Two popular handheld RDM Controller/DMX Tester

RDM Controller 1: DMXcat

DMXcat is designed by City Theatrical, it is a multi-function test tool which allows lighting professional to manage DMX/RDM fixtures via a smartphone App (compatible with Andriod and iPhone).

DMXcat from City Theatrical.png

You can check more from official introduction video

RDM Controller 2: XMT-350

XMT-350 is developed by Swission, it is a compact and modern RDM controller and DMX tester. From my point of view, XMT-350 is the most professional DMX and RDM tester. It can not only detect and list RDM-enabled lighting fixtures, set DMX addresses to lots of fixtures at once, bust also monitor DMX signals and display them graphically.

xmt-350 from Swission.png

2. RDM Lighting Control System (pc-based software + controller)

To manage a large quantity of RDM-enable lighting fixtures, the best way is do the configuration via PC-based RDM lighting control system (software + controller)

RDM Lighting Software: DMX Workshop

DMX Workshop is a lighting software that operates on Windows platforms (latest version runs on Windowns 10), developed by Artistic License. With DMX Workshop and RDM-enabled Art-Net Node, you can discover RDM-enabled lighting fixtures through Art-Net, change DMX channel modes and a lot more.

By the way, DMX Workshop is totally free of charge which I think it will favor you learning it at your best.

RDM Lighting Controller: ENTTEC RDM Controller

ENTTEC supplies different models of RDM controller worldwide, making RDM easier to use with efficiency. Such interfaces allow you to do some advance monitoring and changes on control.


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