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Some frequent asked problems, the possible causes and suitable remedies to such problems.


Possible Cause(s)


No light in one certain pixel ball

Defective led source

Replace a PCBA, or replace a string

Defective DMX control

Replace the DMX control

Wrong addressing to certain ball/string

Re-address certain pixel/string

No signal from DMX control

Replace DMX control

Re-address certain pixel/string

No light in one certain pixel string

Loose contact

Check connection

Defective DMX control

Replace DMX control

Wrong addressing

Re-address certain string

Short circuit at end cap

Remove metal part if any, or replace end cap

Defective LED source

Replace led string

Low output from strings near the end

Power drop, insufficient voltage from power source

Add inline power boost

Check PSU spec to and replace if needed

Overloaded pixel quantity

Reduce pixel qty, 60-80 with 1 inline power boost

Many extension cables used

Check cable spec, advice is to use certain cables from us


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