What is ArtNet?

In order to have a deep understanding of this “NOUNC” , we first have little big knowledge about “DMX” and “IP”.


DMX is a serial protocol, which is short for DMX512-A, it’s a controlling system for lighting fixtures and dimmers. A DMX controlling system is formed in a daisy chain fashion. Let’s say that one device is the source (for example, a lighting control console) and the other devices are the receivers.

Every single receiver carries a preset address, which corresponds to the channels from 1 to 512 of DMX data that it is interested in. By the way, one DMX universe carries 512 channels, 170 pixels, 1 pixel equals 3 channels. DMX led lights are used in many aspects, such as club lighting, studio lighting, stage lighting, concert lighting, theme park, led media facade and so on. In summary, DMX controlling system is widely used for entertainment lighting and architectural lighting. DMX Signal is very stable, not easily affected by other signals, like TV, cell phone, radio, thunder, sharing a long distance transmission. That is why the DMX led lights are the most popular for so many big projects indoor or outdoor.


IP is a protocol. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique number that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard. Any participating device — including routers, computers, time-servers, internet FAX machines, and some telephones — must have its own unique address. This allows information passed onwards on behalf of the sender to indicate where to send it next, and for the receiver of the information to know that it is the intended destination. Besides, another protocol called Ethernet, where IP operates on top, the Cables are generally CAT5 and have RJ45 jacks on the end.

So what is ArtNet?

One sentence for the conclusion: ArtNet is a ways of sending DMX Signal via IP networks.

Post time: Nov-07-2018