High power LED projection lamp in all aspects of the comprehensive analysis!

What are the product features of high power LED projection lamp? Zhongshan lingchuang Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. has a lot of experience in high-power lighting products. Over the years, it has been adhering to innovation and has received very good benefits. In the future development, high-power LED lamps and lanterns will occupy the leading position in the LED lighting market.

1、 Products in the chip selection has been very big attention, Zhongshan lingchuang Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. of high-power LED projection lamp projection distance and lighting range are very good, and the same series of enterprises is unable to compare, because of the chip quality of its products is good, the average utilization rate of the product is better than the general high-power LED projection lamp. The product adopts imported chips with high brightness, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, and its service life is up to 50000h. It can be divided into two kinds: monochrome and colorful color changing. The diversification of colors makes the product more decorative lighting effect.

2、 Shell material: high pressure cast aluminum shell, 4mm tempered safety glass characteristics, the shell is a high-power LED projection lamp must be considered accessories, if the quality of the shell is good, the product can bring a lot of benefits.

1. There are two kinds of light distribution options: symmetrical and asymmetric. Glare control is good. The moderate light distribution of the product can better control the color temperature, so that the product can be used normally in different environments.

2. Lamps and electrical integration, light and beautiful shape, simple installation, so that more families can better use, improve the scope of product use.

3. The dustproof and waterproof grade of high-power LED projection lamp is IP65, so the product can also be used for underwater lighting.

3、 Voltage: 220 V / 110 V / 24 V / 12 V, in the rated voltage, the product plays a stable function.

4、 LED light source: 1W, 3W high-power LED, light source is the most important issue to be considered for high-power LED projection lamp. If this is done well, the lighting effect of the product can be greatly increased.

5、 The lighting distance is up to 5-30 meters, which is especially suitable for landscape buildings, outdoor squares, walls and exhibits. The product has the same function as the LED wall washing lamp. It not only has a very long lighting distance, but also can outline the outline of the building.

6、 Color: Red / yellow / Blue / Green / White / colorful color changing effect. Through the organic combination of rich and colorful light and water, it produces a vivid feeling and brings you dreamlike artistic conception. Various colors make the decorative effect of high-power LED projection lamp play to the ultimate level.

Post time: Sep-17-2020