LED Pixel Ball 360°

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This 50mm 3D LED Pixel ball consists of 4 RGB/RGBW LEDs, all 4 LEDs are integrated to one DMX chip. Such balls are interconnected with each other to form a strand, but they can be addressed and programmed independently via DMX. 

           3D LIGHTING MATRIX.png

Key Features


3D LED Pixel Ball with 360° Beam Angle

The LEDs built to double sides of the PCB, each with 2 LEDs to enable 360° viewing angle.

Numerous of hanging strands will present a spectacular 3D LED matrix.

50mm LED Pixel Ball.png 

Built-in DMX512

Digitally addressable, DMX individually controllable.

Industry standard DMX LED ball, 3rd party DMX controller compatible.

Golden and Silver Electroplated Diffuser Available

The pixel ball comes with milky white acrylic housing. 

Gold and silver electroplating can be done to meet different demands.

Multiple Colors

RGB – High brightness SMD5050 RGB LEDs

RGBW – White can be warm white, neutral white or cool white

Static color – Red, green, blue, white, purple, pink and a lot more


Custom Pixel Pitch

Standard pitch 200mm, customization options available on pixel pitch and strand length.


Flexible Cable, Versatile String

Hang-straight design to make a curtain to the wall, a matrix attached to the ceiling.

Pull horizontally to configure a chandelier, no limit to your creativity.


Expandable String

Strings can be extended to form certain length.



Built for outdoor adopting IP65 all-weather technology.


Stage, clubs, concert, studio, touring, bridge, public space, shopping malls, theme parks, lighting show and a lot more.


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